Utility poles - electric power - phone poles and EDF - NFC 67100 Poles

Huet Bois is an important supplier and producer of utillity poles around the world. Our range of utility poles are from 7 m to 15 m long. These wooden poles are impregnated (treated poles) with creosote or salt. Our utiility poles are very robust since they are made of resinous wood (softwood poles: pine pole - spruce pole - douglas pole) and thus keep their mechanical and load-bearing capacities; they have a life-expectancy of 25 years, even if they are in contact with the ground and submitted to bad weather.

Huet Bois is a producer in the manufacture of telegraph postselectrical poles (electric power poles, power line post), joint poles, telecommunication poles (cable television poles), street light poles, disribution poles (transmission poles),... and any wooden pylon for EDF polesFrance Telecom poles, NFC 67100 poles. Huet Bois, your  wood pole producer, your wooden utility poles supplier! With Huet Bois, you are dealing direct with your pole manufacturer, you are certain to be satisfied with your order. 

All around the world, Huet Bois delivers treated poles / impregnated poles (by autoclave: creosote poles or salt poles). 

Utility poles (electricity and phone poles)- EDF & NFC 67100

Huet Bois is a recognized player in the delivery of wooden utility poles worldwide: electric poles (electric power poles, power line poles), distribution poles (transmission posts), phone poles (telegraph posts), telecommunication poles (cable television poles), street and highay lighting poles,... Deliveries of our poles, however, can be operated only per container (overseas exports) or full truck (Europe).

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