Machined poles – half log

Huet Bois, the specalist of round timbers! Inside or outside, round timbers willl be found in the most varied applications: architecture, equestrian fences, obstacle poles, children’s playgrounds, bridges, crash barriers, stake fence, wooden post, wooden stake, autoclave stake horses fencing, garden fencinglivestock fencing, farm fencing, piles, all type of wooden fence (wood peeled logs or machined poles), half log autoclave, tree stakes, horse jumping bar, etc... Depending on the desired design, we will guide you in your selection of different types of finish. Huet Bois also offers you machined half-timbers, for rail fencing, cladding,  construction, garden design, training trees, split-rail fencing etc... A semi-circular billet has a high-grade finish and will be installed easily, since it has a half-moon shape. It is an eco-friendly and robust construction material. It ages well and will be treated for any outdoor use: you will be happy with it for a long time.

Huet Bois, your fencing supplier, your doweled fencing producer! We offer you a large variety of of roundwood fencing with uniform diameter smooth finish. Pricelist: here

Machined round wood and half roundwood

For individuals: for less than 250 units, the price of standard sizes are listed below. We only sell in excess of 50 units. All orders must be placed through our online store. The shipment must take place on our site Manhay. 

For professionals: For quantities above 250 units, we produce tailor all dimensions (length and diameter). We invite you to request a quote for your rondwood fencing, treated wooden fencing post, doweled fencing, garden fencing, ... and your machined round wood (uiform dimater) and half round. We deliver throughout Europe.

Milled/calibrated wood
Length Diameter treatment
1,60m 8 Salt
1,80m 8 Salt
2,10m 12 Creozote
2,20m 12 Creozote
2,20m 14 Salt
2,50m 14 Salt
3,00m 9 None
3,50m 9 None

Length Diameter treatment
2,50m 8 Salt
3,00m 8 Salt
4,00m 8 Salt
3,00m 10 Salt
4,00m 10 Salt
3,00m 12 Creozote
3,00m 12 Salt
3,00m 12 None
4,00m 12 None
5,00m 12 None
6,00m 12 None