Special round billets - Machined wood

Architect, landscapist, designer or private individual, you find by Huetbois a careful ear and astute technical advices, whatever the idea you have of your construction project .

Wood is one of the best construction materials with its technical features, hardiness and bearing capacity, being at the same time very ecological. Huet Bois produces peeled poles and machined rounds up to 14 m. (40 cm diameter in debarked and 25 in calibrated), in spruce and red timbers. Placed outdoor, wood will undergo an autoclave impregnation class IV.

You will find by HUET BOIS any log billet for your architectural constructions, originals as they are: poles, teepee stakes, masts, etc. We perform our deliveries throughout Europe, as well as exportation to emerging countries (by container)


Special round billets

At Huet Bois, you can find all the timber needed for your original architectural buildings and other structures in wood. Our tooling and machinery allows us to bring your most imaginative creations to life. We can support you in the development of machining plans. Your creativity, coupled with our experience, allows for a multitude of wooden creations, from the more sophisticated to the most original: pontoons, gangways, chalets, kiosks, development of rest and leisure areas, fitness trail areas, teepees, roads, watchtower and other hunting posts, furniture, roof structure timbers, climbing frames, swings, huts, masts, etc.

We offer a wide range of machining options: drilling, grooving, calibrating, cutting.

Please not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation for timber.