Huet Bois has been an expert in the wood sector since 1947. As a lumber company, we can spot and work around forestry difficulties. We help you as regards the choice of wood species and the distance between trees, the speed of rotation and the maturity of the tree generation. We know forests and we know how to manage them since we make the best use of the timber from clearing operations.

As a cutting station, we listen to you and guide you towards the product which meets your specific needs because our main goal is to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

We sell treated wood and will guide you with regard to the treatment type according to the work.

When calling on the services of a manufacturer, you can be sure that there will only be one intermediary between you and the forest.

Our know-how in our large variety of roundwood products!: Wooden posts (fencing post, tree stake, treated post, horse fencing post, stakes,…), machined poles (halfround logs, equestrian fence, horce fencing, round wood fencing posts, doweled fencing, garden fencing,…), foundation wood (retaining timber, waterwork wood, construction wood, building post, piling product,…), gross timber (sawlogs, bolts, …), utility poles (electric poles, phone poles, telegraf post, telecommunication poles, lighting poles, NFC 67100 poles,…), wooden garden furniture (wooden table garden, wooden bench, hammock, …) and wooden chalet (logged house, wooden cottage,habitable cottage, hunting lodge, garden cottage,…).