who are we?

Huet Bois was created in 1947 by Georges HUET who started a small forestry operation as well as his farming activity. Little by little, he began to sell billets and broadened his products to stakes, mine timbers, sawing timbers, etc. When he died in 1978, the company was taken back by some of his children and Christian HUET became the General Manager. 

Today, the company Georges HUET employs around thirty workers and employees, works with many sub-contractors and has been enhanced by the involvement of the third generation.

Every year, we process more than 86,000 m³ of timber including more than 26,000 m³ logs (semi-finished and finished products) and 30,000 m³ of sawing timbers. In 2009, we sold 3400 m³ of treated wood.

Huet Bois, your roundwood supplier : Wooden posts (fencing post, tree stake, treated post, horse fencing post, stakes,…), machined poles (halfround logs, equestrian fence, horce fencing, round wood fencing posts, doweled fencing, garden fencing,…), foundation wood (retaining timber, waterwork wood, construction wood, building post, piling product,…), gross timber (sawlogs, bolts, …), utility poles (electric poles, phone poles, telegraf post, telecommunication poles, lighting poles, NFC 67100 poles,…), wooden garden furniture (wooden table garden, wooden bench, hammock, …) and wooden chalet (logged house, wooden cottage,habitable cottage, hunting lodge, garden cottage,…)