Retaining and foundation wood - gross poles

Are you active in the civil engineering or public works, roads, channel or waterways construction fields? Do you drive piles? Are you looking to carry out embankment strengthening, slope reinforcement or foundation works with wooden posts or piles (piling product), constructing a water collector, a storm pool or repairing a channel? We produce all types of wooden poles: softwood logs, retaining wood, wood foundation, saw logs, perch hop, poles vine, waterwork wood, construction wood, ...

We cut the piles and foundation posts according to the measurements which you understand; any supporting timber or piles for hydraulic works and the construction of roads and bridges. Driven piles provide a strong bed as a foundation. They are made of native spruce (treated or not) and are pointed or not. Our production capacity allows us to rapidly manufacture huge amounts of piles and posts with machined head as well as raw piles.  

Retaining, foundation wood and waterworking poles

Huet Bois operates nearly 80,000 m3/year of wood from thinning operations. Our industrial tool means that we can be a leader in our markets while possessing significant production capacity. We strive to position ourselves as a responsive supplier. Our aim is to be able to offer production deadlines and very short delivery dates whatever your sizes.

Our large stock of timber can be produced in record time: all the desired sizes in large quantities. Our position as market leader of for piles in the Netherlands demonstrates our responsiveness and the quality of our products and services. We have our own means of transport (timber transport crane) or a wide reliable transport network to all European destinations.

We provide a wide range of retaining timber and foundation timber: Untreated wood, stripped or not, pointed or not, with a flat head or not. Our facilities mean we can meet all your specific requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation.