Wooden garden chalet, log cabin - wooden cottage

Our wooden chalets in round wood are built from local wood (spruce or Douglas) processed by us into calibrated timbers (constant diameter) with a diameter of 14, 16, 18 or 20 centimetres. These treated timbers fit together to form a solid assembly which is rigid and durable over time. We strive to offer a product that meets your requirements, so we can produce our log house to meet your specific requirements in terms of external cladding, size, and finish (wooden garden cottage, hunting lodge, residential loghouse, chalet,...). Our objective is to build unique loghouse, chalet and wooden cottage unlike any other.

All our chalets, loghouses and wooden cottages are built from round timber. Feel free to send us your plans (even freehand drawings) via our quote module to get an initial idea of budgets.

All types of chalet in roundwood: Garden chalet, log cabin and cottage

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Chalet 1 (Garden shed)

Our smaller chalets (10 to 25m2) are often part of the design of your garden. At the end of your property, these chalets offer a quiet, rural and romantic place. Accompanied by a barbecue and a large terrace, your chalet will be the centre for gatherings with friends, whatever the weather.  A very popular option is a mezzanine inside, which can turn your cottage into a guest room. Budget: From 5,500 to 15,000 euros including VAT.

Chalet 2 (Non-residential)

Often installed in small isolated properties, our non-residential chalets (25 to 40 m2) offer the space needed to install the comforts expected of a second home. Also used for holiday cottages, this chalet offers the advantage of having a typical structure at a lower cost than stone. Installed on your property, our non-residential log chalets are transformed into a holiday home... at the bottom of your garden. Budget: From 15,000 to 40,000 euros including VAT.