Riding equipment and fencing for horse

Huet Bois is a producer of equestrian equipment in wood: Fences, obstacle bar, box for horses. We provide many equestrian centres, riding clubs, riding schools, stud farms and horse owners all over Europe.

We produce the entire range of fencing for horses. All elements of the fence are generally treated with creosote or salt (autoclave, class IV). Our equestrian fences are structured around 2 standard models: Fences with round rails and fences with half-round rail (half-log). In both cases, the support pole is available in calibrated wood of 2.20m height and with a diameter of 14 cm. In the first case, it is a round bar with a length of 3.00m and a diameter of 8cm that fits into the stake. The fence with smooth semi-log is presented with a half-rounds of 3.00 meters in diameter of 12cm which comes to rest on the stake. Consult our price catalog FENCES FOR HORSES. Huet Bois also offers you the simple, peeled fence post treated in autoclave with creosote

Huet Bois is a leading European manufacturer of obstacle bars (jumping bar, jump bar). We produce standardized wooden bars calibrated 3.50 meters in diameter of 9 cm. By default, these equestrian bars are not treated or painted.

Huet Bois also offers equestrian gates (barrier for horses) of any size. These equestrian gates are married with taste to our different types of fence.

Huet Bois is a log cabin producer. This range extends to the box for horses and stables out of wood on measure. Our boxes and stables are available in logs from local wood (spruce or Douglas) transformed by us in calibrated logs (constant diameter) of diameter 14, 16, 18 or 20 centimetres. These autoclave treated woods fit together to form a solid, rigid and durable assembly.

Equestrian Equipment

Our prices for horse fences are listed in OUR HORSE GATES CATALOG.  For orders of large quantities, please request a pricing via our QUOTATION module.

The price of our obstacle bar in 3.50 meters length and in diameter of 9 centimetre is 8.08 euros excl. VAT per piece. If you are professional and would like a quotation for large quantities, please use our QUOTATION module. 

We build our boxes for horses and stables customized and according to your wishes. Please send us a first plan (drawn by hand) and attach it to your demand for a QUOTATION. We offer standard models of boxes for horses: CLICK HERE

Huet Bois offers a wide range of equestrian gates. Our various models and prices can be consulted HERE.